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     Welcome to My Site.  My name is Bil Arbuckle.  I am glad You are here!  I have been in the Hair Industry over 22 years, and have worked with some of the best Hair Professionals in North America.  When meeting a new client for the first time, I find it important to discuss what they are looking for. Understanding a Clients needs and lifestyle helps to determine their Perfect Style.  That is why I take the time to get to know each person who sits in my chair.  What they like and, dislike like.  How much time do they spend on their hair. Let's face it, our time is as valuable as our money.  And, I don't know about you but, I don't care to waste either.  As a Nationally recognized REDKEN CERTIFIED COLORIST specializing in Dimensional Applications and, a KERATIN COMPLEX SMOOTHING SYSTEM PRO STYLIST, where I believe in "Beautiful Hair Every Day". I will analyze skin tone, eye color, face shape and, hair texture. All of these are essential in choosing the right color and style. Don't wait another minute lets get started today!


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"Is it You? Maybe. Let's talk".

My Story

My Vision

-Courtney Wiesner

Back in 1997 I moved to Atlanta with my then employer Parisian Department Stores where I served as Visual Merchandising Manager. That year proved to be extremely pivotal for me. I won't go into details here but, it was a year I wish to never repeat. I found myself asking, " what next"?

A friend of mine who was about 7 years my junior, said he was going to Beauty School and I should come go with him. "HA! you're kidding, right? The very next week I found myself at the registrar's office and, here I am to day.  After 22 years of working behind the chair I can say, "it was the best decision I have ever made".

I realize that your hair is your signature and, that you must feel great about it every day. I will always celebrate Women and Men in their real, most raw

authentic brilliance, who believe in themselves and, are ready to step into the look they love. I will always employ hair products with some of the most natural and rich ingredients available because, I believe you should never expect anything less. I want to settle on a style that you want and, suits the image of yourself  that you want to have. It is my passion to elevate my Clients inside and out.

Be Your best self, live Your best life. You deserve it.  Let's get started, today.

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